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Billy Elliot comings to Toronto for a long run!


On Stage till September ! We remember the movie Tony award winning movie Bill Elliot.  Toronto is requesting Billy Elliot the musical to stay in Toronto and the show has been extended.  Located at the Canon Theatre, 244 Victoria Street Toronto, ON, M5B 1V8
416 872 1212

More Info:

5 star rating for Billy Elliot ….”When an audience leaps to their feet cheering in the middle of a show’s second act, then you know something extraordinary is happening… Billy Elliot gives us tremendous excitement, enormous joy and deeply felt emotion… I promise you that this is an evening of theatre you will never forget!” - Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star

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Three New Apartments from Toronto Luxury Suites!

Toronto Luxury Suites is excited to announce three new apartments that we have added to our inventory!

Located in the most luxurious buildings, in the premium locations of the city, our new suites are sure to put a smile on your face while your stay here in Toronto!

Pure (Click here to view), is a massive two bedroom in the heart of Yorkville, overlooking the city, the lake, and the rest of the world. :)

Smooth (Click here to view) – a luxurious one bedroom plus den, is located in Toronto’s coveted “Festival Tower,” which is an architectural marvel built by Daniels Corporation.

Last but not least, Spirit (Click here to view), is a bright and beautiful suite located in the trendy “Casa” condominium at Yonge and Bloor in the Yorkville area.

Let your eyes browse these spectacular new suites, and when you’re ready to pick which one you’d like to stay at, give us a call to make your reservation – they will book fast!

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Moving to Toronto – Things you might need to know

We at Toronto Luxury Suites understand about transition.  Life is constantly changing for us, we welcome new comers to Toronto every month.

Moving and relocating your life to Toronto is a big task for you.  You have just landed a new contract or new job.  You’ll need a new home to settle into, that is why we offer fully turn key corporate housing suites in prime geographic locations in Toronto including Yorkville and King West the financial district.

We are here to help you settle into the city of Toronto with ease of transition.  We take a lot of worry from our clients.  Services that would normally take hours to set up for yourself is done ahead of time, living in a safe secure area so you can focus on your new role in your new city is crucial.

A fully serviced relocation is also something we  try and help our clients our with and offer contacts to help ease of transition to transferring to a new office in Toronto.

Ask us and we can help you with any question you have about Toronto, if  you are  relocating with your self or with your family.  We provide and have contacts with a number of great relocation, real estate, financial planners, and personal services that can help you make your move to Toronto hassle free.

Contact us today at: 416-809-8216 or 647-809-8216

Come to Toronto with a plan in place and call us a few months in advance so we can provide the suite your looking for!

The Team at Toronto Luxury Suites

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Indian Film Awards

India Film festival comes to Toronto this weekend and displays Indian Cultural Cinema…

Many in the film industry are blown away from what is coming out of India.   Colourful, romantic, and adventurous  is celebrated this weekend with the Indian Film Academy Weekend and Awards.

Showcasing all the wonderful talent coming out of Incredible India and bringing the magic of  Indian cinema to Toronto with a big showcase of talent and wonder lust.   The Awards celebrate the Indian cinematic culture and share it with Canada in a unique way.

The Official IIFA Week-end starts June 23rd -June 25th, Includes Press Conferences, IIFA’s World Premiere, A Fashion and Music Event, the IIFA Film Festival, IIFA Global Business Forum, Music Workshop, Film Festival and finish the weekend with the Awards Ceremony.

Check it out here :

Millions will be watching worldwide via telecast will put Toronto on the map this weekend!

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Woofstock – calling all dog lovers Woof Woof!

The only two days in Toronto that foreigners and locals can bring their dogs out to play with other people and dog owners.  Join in the entertainment and fun at the St. Lawrence Market today and tomorrow  – you can bring your dog too!

See over 250 vendors for everything you can imagine that relate to you and your pooch.

Over 300,000 dog lovers will attend this event this summer. What type of dog do you like best? This will be Toronto’ s most exclusive event for canine lover’s everywhere!

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LUMINATO – Warms our hearts and makes us smile :)

Bring your friends and your family to check out  this weekend till next June 10th-19th, 10 days packed with the Arts!

Yes!  It is that time again when everyone is out and about Toronto and celebrating the warm weather.  On your way to checking out your next restaurant downtown – walk over to an event – there are free ones throughout, here is the website for details.

Check it out and enjoy!

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