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Excellent option for working professionals relocating to Toronto

For private sector employees in Canada relocating to Toronto on a temporary or a permanent basis, one of the immediate concerns is to look for a place to stay. Instead of staying in a Hotel that demands huge rentals, there is another excellent option available in the form of Executive rentals Toronto. Executive rentals are tailor made for corporate executives moving to Toronto. These are temporary housing solutions that that are comfortable and at the same time extremely cost effective. Executive rentals come in different sizes such as apartments, condos and suites. These executive rentals provide a home like environment to the relocated employee and come with more space and better amenities than the amenities provided in a Hotel. These condos and apartments come with fully furnished kitchen. Employees can also bring in their family members if the family size is small.

Tailor made for consulting teams

with companies looking to expand their business foot prints by looking to locations like Toronto, the need for sending experienced staff to Toronto has risen drastically. In order to look at the opportunities a separate project team gets formed. This team is then sent to Toronto for a period ranging from three months to nine months. Instead of staying in a Hotel, the project consultants can stay in these Executive rentals. The studios or the apartments come with tailor made services such as concierge and housekeeping for the project team. This would help the project team to focus more on their work. The project team members get to experience a home like environment though they are thousands of miles away from their homes.

Perfect Stay Option for the government officials

Government officials such those working in the administration side and senior staff in the military service often move across different cities within Canada. Executive Rentals Toronto has made it easier for these officials to carry out their planned tasks. The condo or the apartment accommodation comes with separate bathroom, bedroom and kitchen facility with all the kitchen utilities needed for cooking. The apartment or the condo complex comes with swimming pool and spa for the officials to relax. There is also a fitness center available to perform work outs. As defense and military departments lay more emphasis on security, the different apartments and condos come with a secured entry and exit system in the form of access cards.

Availability in important locations in Toronto

These corporate stay accommodations are available in all the important locations in Toronto including the Entertainment district and financial district. The entertainment district in Toronto comes with apartments that have sleep provisions for a maximum of five members. The financial district of Toronto comes with suites that can accommodate six sleeps that are spread over two bed rooms.

Amenities available in the suite

The six sleep suite comes with two bedrooms in the form of a King size and a queen size bedroom. Amenities available in this six sleep suite include DVD Player, Sleek Television, wireless internet, in suite washer and a dryer. There is a separate outdoor terrace with a gas BBQ, dining area lounge chairs along with a games room, media room and a party room.

Based on the size of the team relocating to Toronto, the private company or the government agency can choose a six sleep suite or a three sleep suite and provide a good living environment to their employees.

The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

How to find the perfect executive rentals Toronto

Moving to Toronto can be quite a fun experience on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to find a nice place that is perfect for giving you somewhat a luxurious experience, then you must consider an executive rental home for you to sleep in. The majority of people who need a home in Toronto will usually go after a house that is meant for rent and usually is furnished. However, if you want a professionally designed and luxurious rental home, then nothing can ever beat out an executive home.

Are executive rentals in Toronto very expensive?

Most definitely, yes. This is something that is very worth the investment, but you must know that an executive rental is very expensive. For some, this is very important and very worth it, but for others, it can be very hard to pay for a high level executive rental unit for a very long time.

What makes an executive rental unit so expensive?

Usually there will be plenty of upgrades in the home, making it become extremely beautiful with the exterior to be quite stunning. The truth is that getting a nice looking executive is definitely tough at times. There are tons of people who find rental units as very worth it because of the nice furnished atmosphere and the quality of the rooms in the rented home. Most rental units that have a lot of upgrades will usually have a great setup of the entire house. This is what most people really want in their home. It is worth the investment to have this kind of home if you plan on staying there whether short term or long term.

What families should stay in an executive rental unit?

The majority of families out there who usually end up staying in these high end homes will be those that want a luxurious rental property and have the money to spend. Without the upfront investment and cash in hand, it is tough to pay for these homes. However, if you do have the money, it can be well worth the investment if you really do want to stay in a luxurious and very well upgraded home.

How to find the perfect executive rental unit:

You should always look for one that has great exterior and interior design. A home that has a great design and outlook on the outside will usually have the inside looking just as good. If you look at the inside of the home and there seems to be a few things that are lacking, then look somewhere else.

Executive rentals Toronto are very worth living in both for the long term and short term. If money is no issue in your life, a nicely designed house with an executive label can be a great place to stay for you and your family. Consider the tips above for choosing your home wisely. Most middle class families will aim for an ordinary kind of home, but with the budget, an executive rental home with a luxurious design can be what your family needs.


Finding the Ideal Corporate Housing in Toronto

Knowing how to get the right corporate housing in Toronto is very important when going on a business trip. It ensures that you enjoy your stay in this region even if you are unfamiliar with. Toronto has many apartment rentals that are well-furnished. You can find information about them through the internet. Therefore, whether you are looking for a place to stay for a night, a week or even a month, you can easily find a perfect rental in Toronto. Nevertheless, when looking for an apartment rental it is crucial that you know the factors to consider in order making the right choice.

One of the major factors to consider is the location of the apartment rental that you choose. The best corporate housing in Toronto is the one that is situated near the place where you will be working while in this city. If you are visiting Toronto to attend a conference, then choose a rental that is located near the conference hall. However, if the available rentals are located in the city and you want a cool place without noise disturbance you can look for an alternative in the suburban areas. Nevertheless, make sure that the housing that you choose is easily accessible from where you will be working.
You also need to ensure that the apartment rental that you choose meets your requirements. When going on a corporate trip to Toronto, you need to enjoy every bit of your stay in this city. Having a housing that gives you the comfort that you need is one of the best ways of ensuring your enjoyment. Therefore, take time to evaluate different apartment rentals before choosing the one to stay in. Consider its size, amenities and regulations if any. Also find out more about services that are available to visitors.
Cost is also a very important factor to consider. In most cases, providers of corporate housing in Toronto base their charges on the number duration that one is staying in the rental and its size. If you are staying for a night or a whole week, you are likely to pay more than when spending a whole month in a rental. This implies that when staying in Toronto for long, you are likely to save more. Nevertheless, you can get a good deal when renting an apartment rental in this city. The location of the building that you choose may also influence the cost.
Currently, there are many providers of corporate rentals in Toronto. You can connect with them easily via the internet. Majority of them have websites with their contacts. They also relay information regarding their apartment rentals and services through these websites. However, it is crucial that you take your time and carry out some research before going for their services. Find out what guests say after going for their services. In addition, read the rental agreement carefully to avoid controversies in the future. This way, you will get an ideal corporate housing that will make your entire stay in Toronto enjoyable.


Luxury Loft Living with “Omni” from Toronto Luxury Suites

When relocating to Toronto, there is no better feeling than coming home to your luxury loft after a hard days work.

Omni,” the newest suite from Toronto Luxury Suites, provides all the luxury amenities for the corporate traveler, with the style and wow factor that comes with loft living.  Stunning glass railings and floor to ceiling windows are just some of the highlights of this masterpiece.

This condo also features balconies on both levels, allowing for plenty of outdoor entertaining space.

With a pool, hot tub, gym and much more on the entertainment level, the building has everything you’d ever want in a short term rental when traveling to Toronto!

Toronto Luxury Suites is a leading provider in corporate housing, offering luxury executive housing to corporate clients. We strive to maintain a high standard of luxury in all of our suites, competitive prices, and top tier customer service and support.  By doing so, Toronto Luxury Suites is able to provide our clients with exceptional value, comfort and enjoyment throughout the entire relocation process.   Through our wide network of partners and industry experts, we are able to offer our clients the best service options available to them, whatever the need may be, as well as the most sought after serviced apartment rentals in Toronto.