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The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

Since their creation in 2009, few companies have been as successful as Toronto Luxury Suites in the greater Toronto area. Their growth has been exponential; their rise to the top of the furnished suites market in the lodging industry has been meteoric. So what has caused this company to find so much unbridled success despite being relatively young? There are many factors to consider when analyzing Toronto Luxury Suites’ foray into the furnished suites market, but their revolutionary new approach has had the greatest initial impact.

In 2009, Toronto Luxury Suites set themselves up for success by adopting a mindset of luxury, flexibility, and affordability. These three principles guide everything the company does with regard to their furnished suites. The luxury, which is included in the company’s name, is a dedication to providing superior amenities, brilliant skyline views, and over-the-top service which has left customers simply floored.

The flexibility of Toronto Luxury Suites stems from their multiple locations, options in terms of price, and a myriad of different furnished suite models to choose from. This has caused Toronto Luxury Suites to develop a very diverse clientele, ranging from corporate executives to families on vacation.

The affordability aspect is one of the primary reasons Toronto Luxury Suites was created. Hotels in the downtown area, with all of their wealth and power, charge a gargantuan amount of money to book a stay in downtown Toronto. While the furnished luxury suites may not exactly be cheap, they are extremely inexpensive when compared to similar hotels in the area. This company was born out of a need for an affordable alternative to high-end hotels in downtown Toronto, and their superior furnished suites have done just that.

Toronto Luxury Suites has become a wonder of downtown Toronto, completely changing the way travelers view temporary lodging. They have a diverse customer base that is overjoyed with their pricing and extraordinary service. They are extremely well-reviewed, showing a level of customer satisfaction that absolutely crushes the hotel industry. The writing is on the wall for high-end hotels in the downtown Toronto area, and Toronto Luxury Suites is the company that wrote it.


The Convenience of Furnished Rentals in Toronto

Toronto Luxury Suites the Affordable and Simple Option

Toronto Luxury Suites is a company on the forefront of the rentals market within the lodging industry. Local housing companies are becoming more powerful and successful as the public realizes the benefits of choosing a company that owns properties within one city. Global housing companies may have a greater amount of resources, but are also less-detail oriented when it comes to management. Local companies like Toronto Luxury Suites may not be international, but their focus on providing quality furnished rentals in one area allows them to provide greater service at a lower cost.

Toronto Luxury suites knows their city. The downtown Toronto area is beautiful, with intense skyline views that take your breath away. However, larger companies offering furnished rentals do not know the inner workings of a specific area and thus do not take advantage of the perfect locations within the city. Toronto Luxury Suites owns several properties in the business and entertainment districts of downtown Toronto. Furthermore, these locations are adjacent to public transportation hubs, the most well-reviewed local eateries, and more obscure points of interest. These furnished rentals are brilliantly located, take advantage of the Toronto skyline, and come at an affordable rate due to local ownership. This focus and deep understanding of downtown Toronto has given the company a huge leg up on their competition.

The convenience of furnished rentals in Toronto cannot be overstated. Even for long-term reservations, having everything set up beforehand within the apartment makes this the ideal choice for tourists, businessmen, and college students. There are many options to choose from with regard to these furnished suites as well. This tends to be the greatest concern about local housing companies, as a smaller pool of resources can fewer options and amenities. Nothing could be further from the truth with Toronto Luxury Suites.

Despite focusing solely on the downtown area of Toronto, these suites are furnished with some of the most impressive amenities on the market. These go far beyond any similarly priced, high-end hotel rooms and also come with a full staff waiting to cater to your every need. With Toronto Luxury Suites, the local focus is an absolute positive, providing lower prices, an insightful understanding of their city, and some of the most impressive furnished rentals in North America.

Looking for Furnished Apartments in Toronto?

Looking for Furnished Apartments in Toronto?

Look No Further than Toronto Luxury Suites

Luxury furnished apartments can be a difficult find in the heart of downtown Toronto, at least at a reasonable price. Toronto is a magical city that entices travelers, businessmen, and tourists from across the globe. With such a Looking for Furnished Apartments in Toronto?massive demand for lodging in downtown Toronto, the price for a furnished apartment in the city can be immense. For tourists looking for a short-term stay as well as college students looking for an extended reservation, price can be a huge issue. While downtown Toronto is well worth the cost, there must be a better option than the inordinate amount of money that hotels charge within the city.

Toronto Luxury Suites was in part created to fit this very need. This company is absolutely exploding as businesses and travelers alike see the huge benefits of choosing one of their many furnished apartments in downtown Toronto. Their clientele is extremely diverse, coming from all walks of life and with different purposes in the city. Citizens looking to relocate to the downtown area find Toronto Luxury Suites to be an extremely attractive option because of the many different suites they offer in terms of price, location, and design. One can truly select the option that best fits their need. It is this flexibility that has given Toronto Luxury Suites such a vaunted reputation among those looking for furnished apartments.

Toronto Luxury Suites also provides furnished apartments for corporate housing and traveling businessmen looking for an extended stay. Along with the affordability that helps a company’s bottom line, these furnished apartments provide sublime comfort and impeccable service. All one must do is read the many reviews for a particular apartment to understand the level of luxury that comes along with a reservation. Full-service gyms, pools, sauna, and room service are all commonly found in furnished apartments provided by Toronto luxury suites. When one compares these amenities to the cost of rental, the value is simply astounding.

The highest level of luxury at a very affordable price. This is the reality of the furnished apartments available for rent with Toronto Luxury Suites. For business, pleasure, or living, these apartments come with a value that is truly rare in the lodging industry. Never deal with overpriced hotels ever again, and find true luxury and comfort in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Toronto Luxury Suites Customer Reviews: Smooth

Toronto Luxury Suites Customer Reviews: Smooth

Executive Suite in the Heart of the Financial District

In another stellar review for a fully furnished Toronto Luxury Suites model, today we will take a look at Smooth, located in the Bloor-Yorkville area in the heart of financial district. The location makes this suite perfect for anyone looking to do business in the heart of downtown Toronto. The model itself is extremely impressive, with panoramic views and an open feel of tranquility. Even in the midst of a heavily industrialized, busy downtown area, Smooth creates the feeling of relaxation within its window-lined walls.

The location within the financial district is perfect enough to attract businessmen from around the world, but the amenities and layout of the model put Smooth over the top. Mark S. for Missouri places this all in perspective from the angle of a successful business trip:

“Their one and a half bed unit worked great for me including a separate office to facilitate completion of those late night assignments. The managers could not have been more pleasant and professional from showing to checkout – they anticipate your needs prior to your arrival, fully provision each room, listen and respond quickly to your requests and questions and are available to help in any way they can. Everything is turnkey, each suite boasts personally selected furnishings – all you need to bring is your suitcase and briefcase. If I have a need in the future they will get my call.”

This resounding endorsement of the Toronto Luxury Suites model speaks volumes about the local staff, wonderful location, and environment perfect for working and conducting business. With over 700 square feet of floor space, this model is expansive, containing a den as well as a living room. The views from this high-rise apartment are spectacular, as one can view the skyline as well as the beautiful, crystal clear lake. The expansive feel and layout of Smooth is amplified by the floor to ceiling windows, increasing the available viewpoints of the city.

Smooth has a very modern look and feel, with tile bathroom floors, granite countertops, and hardwood flooring throughout the space. The walls are ten feet high, which lends credence to its reputation as an expansive space. There is a gym, sauna, pool, and many other amenities within the building, creating endless possibilities with which to spend one’s day. Whether it be business, pleasure, or relaxation, Smooth is a fully furnished suite that goes well beyond the expectations of all who have the wonderful opportunity to stay there.


Advantages of Picking Furnished Suites over Hotels

A lot of people are nowadays opting to stay in Toronto furnished suites over going to hotels because they have noticed the variety of benefits that they stand to gain from them. This is one of the major reasons that the real estate is really booming as more and more investors see the profits to be made in this sector instead of buying and selling houses or investing in hotels. Below are just some of the major advantages that are making so many people steer clear of the hotels and choose these luxury pads instead.

First and foremost, the main reason that a lot of people are choosing the Toronto furnished suites is the amenities you will get. To begin with, they are very spacious when taken in comparison with hotel rooms that you would get for the very same amount of money. Hotels charge a lot for their space as they know a lot of people go to hotels first as they do not know of other easier options. It is common to find hotels with pools but these suites are offering you a larger space and the pool as well. You will also have other amenities some hotels may not have invested in like fitness or recreational center and a place that you can hold a barbeque.

The second and perhaps one of the biggest reasons that a lot of people are running to the Toronto furnished suites are that they are more functional than the hotels. In hotels you get the basic necessities like a shower, a bed and a fridge. The suites however will give you much more. You will have a full kitchen complete with the utensils you need so that you can cook for yourself instead of having to eat in the hotel restaurant or go into town. You will also have a dining and living room in case you are not alone. These come in very handy for those who are in town to have a business meeting or dinner.

While the hotels will require you to hand over your laundry for them to do, a lot of the Toronto furnished suites will have their own washing machines and dryers. This means that you no longer have to worry about the hotel laundry service ruining your favorite clothes. You can do your laundry by yourself the best way you know how.

Internet has become like a basic necessity nowadays and a lot of the hotels will charge you to have it in your room. Those that do not offer it in the rooms leave you with no option but to go down to the lobby or to a coffee shop just to check your mails. The Toronto furnished suites however will more often than not have free internet services in the rooms for the whole building.

Looking at all these advantages, it becomes clear that there is one major umbrella that covers them all. The suites give a more ‘at-home’ feel than the hotels and also offer more amenities making them a favorite for today’s impermanent tenants.