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Flexibility with Toronto Luxury Suites Corporate Housing

Choose your Rental Period, Executive Suite Model, and Location

One of the greatest benefits of choosing to rent a furnished apartment with Toronto Luxury Suites is the ability to select nearly every aspect of your rental. While other corporate housing companies have very strict rules, guidelines, and set time frames, Toronto Luxury Suites provides guests with great flexibility in the rental process. While their friendly staff is more than willing to help guide you through this process, the options are completely up to the customer.173739778

The corporate housing program of Toronto Luxury Suites was created as an affordable alternative to renting a hotel room. When the company was being established as a major force in the Toronto lodging market, the founders decided that the customer experience would be enhanced by offering a myriad of options. As a result, Toronto Luxury Suites is now a consumer favorite among travelers and professionals alike.

Flexibility in Rates and Rental Period

The minimum rental agreement with Toronto Luxury Suites currently stands at a one month stay, but there are special discounts with an extended rental period of three months or more. Furthermore, there are great last-minute deals for customers in need of a furnished apartment quickly. Unlike hotels with strict, standardized pricing and apartments with lease agreements for extended time periods, the Toronto Luxury Suites corporate housing program has options for every situation.

Flexibility in Selection of Apartment Model

There are so many high-quality furnished apartments offered by Toronto Luxury Suites it could make your head spin. Furthermore, each of these executive suites has a different appearance and ambiance, with varying amenities as well. Every executive sweet was hand-selected by a team of professionals and designed individually. While all of the apartments are luxurious and elegant, each one has a different style to match the personality of the guest.

Flexibility in Location in Downtown Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city with so many unique districts and areas of interest, and Toronto Luxury Suites made sure to provide a wide variety of locations for their guests to choose from. There are furnished apartments in Old Toronto, the Discovery District, and Yorkville, each with business and entertainment venues for varying interests. Guests can choose exactly where they want to spend their time with Toronto Luxury Suites through a level of flexibility that cannot be found anywhere else.


A Furnished Suite in the Heart of Toronto, not a Room

Toronto Luxury Suites Provides Accommodations fit for Royalty

“Furnished suites” is a term that sounds very different than “hotel room,” but is there a major difference between the two? After all, hotel rooms can be spacious and relaxing, even if the price can be absolutely gargantuan in downtown Toronto. Some lodging companies may throw around the words “furnished suites” without much proof to substantiate this elevated type of language. Toronto Luxury Suites is not one of those companies.

One look at their beautifully majestic furnished suites tells you everything you need to know.

The visual impact of the accommodations offered by Toronto Luxury Suites is breathtaking, and it is apparent that this business is the pinnacle of the industry. These fully-furnished apartments and condominiums are impressive by guests with even the most discerning tastes, and there is something for everyone. There are a myriad of different locations and suites to choose from, all designed with a different ambiance and unique design. their team of experts scoured the city for the suites that matched their lofty standards, and the results are staggering.133522144

Their furnished suites have names befitting their appearance. “Pearl.” “Charm.” “Horizon.” Each one conjures up images of luxury and refinement, which matches the nature of each executive rental they offer. Pearl is like a jewel in the sky, with striking white walls that seem to glow in the heart of Toronto. Charm has a modern look that combines style with elegance, a captivating mix of classic and contemporary. Horizon is part of a 49-story glass and concrete highrise that peers off into one of the most popular downtown locales.

While the visual impression of the furnished apartments and condominiums by Toronto Luxury Suites is certainly powerful, their customer service is just as remarkable. Their number one priority is the happiness of their guests, and this is seen in nearly every review of their company. Consumers regularly praise their attention to detail, wide range of services, as well as their enthusiastic, cheerful staff. All of this translates to an exceptional experience and the great reputation of Toronto Luxury Suites.

Finally, these luxurious furnished suites are much more affordable than you might think. Elegance does not have to be sacrificed for quality, and this company proves this every single day, with each new lucky visitor to the city of Toronto.


The Unexpected Benefits of Renting Toronto’s Furnished Apartments

Did You know You’re Working Towards a Greener Planet?

Toronto Luxury Suites is proud to serve executives, travelers, and entire families with our furnished apartments, and their massive popularity comes as no surprise to us. Offering corporate housing changed the way the travel and lodging industry has done business with obvious superiority over traditional hotel rooms. The benefits are there for anyone to see, especially in terms of cost. An extended hotel stay in downtown Toronto is extremely expensive, and these furnished apartments are not only cheaper, but more luxurious and complete in terms of amenities. Combine all these factors with the personalized service and stellar user reviews of Toronto Luxury Suites, and the hotel industry didn’t have a chance.

However, there are several advantages of renting Toronto’s finest furnished apartments as well. Consumers love the affordability, comfort, and service of Toronto Luxury Suites.


In addition to these more apparent factors, the Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report of 2008 listed some unique benefits the public is unlikely to understand without renting a furnished apartment in Toronto. This report was developed through a survey of over 20,000 industry experts, including furnished apartment operators, travel agency professionals, and apartment booking agencies across the globe.

The Green Factor in Furnished Apartments

While not commonly thought about within the consuming public, renting a furnished apartment actually saves natural resources on a large scale. These is much less waste associated with furnished apartments, as gasoline is not expended to move possessions, the furnishings are not wasted when a new tenant arrives, and new occupants do not have to buy new furniture.

Greater Privacy

In contrast to a hotel room, furnished apartments with Toronto Luxury Suites are astoundingly private, despite having round the clock personal service. Our staff is willing to help at any moment due to our dedication to customer satisfaction, but your furnished apartment in entirely your own. These private accommodations do not have the paper-thin walls of hotel rooms in the area.

Saving Extra and Bringing out Your Inner Chef

These furnished apartments come complete with a full stove, refrigerator, and all the cooking utensils you may need. Not only do our guests save money by cooking their own meals, but they also have a great time doing it. Cooking is a fun activity, one that many travelers lose when they go on vacation. By renting a furnished apartment with Toronto Luxury Suites, you have the great benefit of being able to create any culinary masterpiece you desire.

Bon appetit!