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The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

Exploring the Neighborhoods of Downtown Toronto

Find Furnished Accommodations in the Center of Social and Cultural Activity

A very commonly praised aspect of the executive rentals from Toronto Luxury Suites is the elegant style and first-rate quality of the apartments themselves. These accommodations are undoubtedly impressive, with a powerful visual appeal that is easy for anyone to see. However, the physical locations of these suites are equally enticing, as they are situated in some of the most charming and engaging neighborhoods in the city. In the heart of downtown, travelers from all around the world experience the very best that Toronto has to offer by choosing to stay where social, cultural, and vocational activities are taking place all around them. These areas are where the citizens of this great city work, play, and connect with one another.

There are a large number of apartment units offered by Toronto Luxury Suites, with many different options available for selecting a physical location that best meets a traveler’s desires. While some prefer a more private and quiet area of the city, some want to be surrounded by the excitement and action of a bustling social center. All of these experiences are available to the guests of Toronto Luxury Suites, and taking a look at two of downtown’s primary neighborhoods will provide some insight into what is out there to explore.

Old TorontoThe Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

The borders of Old Toronto outline where the city was originally established and developed, and there is a great historical presence that can be felt by all who travel there. Every sight, sound, and experience comes with a touch of the classical in this area, while also being the seat of governmental and civic discourse. There are several interesting public buildings located in Old Toronto, including the Mechanics Institute and the Public Library. A festive and deeply cultural neighborhood, this is where the city was founded and continues to serve as the nerve center of the entire region.


Yorkville is the famed shopping district of downtown Toronto, widely known as one of the most exclusive and upscale commercial areas in the world. Designer boutiques and fine dining restaurants line the streets as visitors and citizens alike meet and socialize. There are also several open green spaces to explore, including Yorkville Park, Jesse Ketchum Square, and Town Hall Square. Yorkville is the neighborhood of enjoyment and leisure, making it the perfect location for a family vacation or extended getaway.


Find Irresistible “Charm” in the Big City

The Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Modernity

Toronto Luxury Suites is well known for providing the ultimate accommodation experience, and “Charm” is the pinnacle of this dedication to quality. Charm is incredibly spacious, with eleven hundred feet of floor space and two bedrooms, making it the perfect selection for a large group of travelers or those who would like to host social events. While Charm is sleek and modern, in a brand new building with cutting-edge technology, there is a classic ambiance and quiet appeal. It is this unique, avant-garde fusion of grandeur and subtlety that gives this fully furnished apartment its name. This luxury condo is perfect for a family getaway with its stylish appearance, yet is also subtle and classy enough for a business trip where impressing clients is of the utmost importance.

Charm is located in the heart of Yorkville within a futuristic 7-story building of glass and concrete that dazzles the senses. This structure may be in the center of the city, but it has a feeling of great privacy and seclusion due to its exclusive nature. While eleven hundred feet of floor space is impressive for any luxury suite, Charm looks and feels even bigger than that number might suggest. The walls are a lofty nine feet high, the balcony overlooks a beautiful courtyard, and the wide-open northeast view makes Charm feel like a grand, unbridled experience. It is very uncommon to find an apartment in the middle of a large metropolitan city that looks and feels uniquely open and free, but Charm accomplishes this feat brilliantly.

The amenities of this lavish suite are simply unparalleled, representing the apex of the lodging industry. The unblemished, alabaster hue of the interior is augmented by granite counter tops, stainless steels appliances, and marble bathroom floors. The kitchen, light fixtures, and bathroom have all been renovated to a state of the art standard. While this class of luxury apartment may sound like it should be overwhelmingly expensive, guests soon discover how affordable a charming stay in Toronto can actually be. This exclusive model is already less expensive than a hotel room, and offers a living experience that you will not soon forget.

The Importance of Location to Toronto Luxury Suites

Convenient Proximity and Breathtaking Views in the Heart of Downtown

There are several key aspects of Toronto Luxury Suites that have made this company something truly special. Their loyal customers often speak of a friendly, helpful staff and service that consistently goes above and beyond in order to make a rental experience exceptional for their guests. Online reviews glow when describing the interiors of each stunning furnished apartment. Furthermore, this company has showed a strong dedication to affordable rates and flexible pricing plans to ensure travelers will be able to enjoy these executive rentals without breaking the bank in the process. Yes, Toronto Luxury Suites has a sterling reputation and several commendable qualities, including some of the most desirable destinations in the city.

Finding the Perfect Locale

A central factor behind the early success of this company is a strict attention to detail and the highly discerning standards behind the initial selection of their accommodations in downtown Toronto. Each unit undergoes diligent examination for both quality and location by the experienced specialists of this organization.

This incredibly detailed inspection places a special emphasis on the physical  location of each apartment, their views and sight lines, and proximity to areas of interest within the city. Despite having many different rentals available to travelers, guests discover that each apartment is located near specific areas of interest and activity, as well as easily accessible public transportation options for maneuvering throughout the city. The Toronto Luxury Suites staff is exceptionally knowledgeable about the unique services and amenities that surround each executive rental, and are able to help their customers find the one location that best fits their specific needs.

Some guests are looking to have a fun and highly social enterprise in Toronto. Others are interested in the business district, and many want an immersive cultural experience that reflects the spirit and history of this metropolitan delight. With furnished rentals available that can provide each one of these experiences to guests, speaking with an expert from Toronto Luxury Suites will ensure that one’s specific needs and desires are fully met. There are many different adventures and experiences that can be made in this awe-inspiring city, and this company knows precisely how to make each dream a reality.

Finding Furnished Rentals in Toronto

Simplifying your Search in the Greater Toronto Area

Searching for a furnished apartment or a short-term rental in a large metropolitan area can certainly seem like a daunting task. Making the smart decision to choose a furnished apartment over an expensive hotel stay may be a no-brainer, but finding the perfect one for your situation may seem much more difficult.  Toronto Luxury Suites would like to help you simplify your search, and with two simple tips, you can find the furnished apartment that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Have a Chat with Industry Professionals

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry and can help you decide which furnished apartment will be best for you and your family, even if it is not with us. We have a dedication to the community that is unparalleled, and we are always happy to speak with travelers from every walk of life, helping them find a home away from home.

There are many reasons why Toronto Luxury Suites is the number one choice for furnished apartments in the Greater Toronto Area, not the least of which is a knack for finding a space for families from every walk of life. We own a myriad of properties throughout the city, with many different models and locations to choose from. If finding a furnished rental in Toronto is your goal, let us help guide you towards the perfect luxury suite. Our eager, friendly, and knowledgeable staff is always at the ready to discuss your options and aid you in your search.

Read Your Reviews

One of the greatest consumer assets in the modern era is the advent of user-based reviews, which can be viewed and analyzed by anyone with access to a computer. Toronto Luxury Suites enjoys one of the most stellar reputations in the industry, consistently ranking at the very top of customer satisfaction. Reading what other travelers have experienced offers the greatest insight into what you can expect from one of our many different luxury apartments.

Our exemplary standing within the travel community can be easily seen by viewing our page on the website TripAdvisor, where Toronto Luxury Suites currently holds a perfect “excellent” rating among consumers. We will go above and beyond for each and every one of our guests, and this promise is backed up by every online review posted by our loyal fans.

For the finest luxury apartments in the Toronto area, please contact us today. We love speaking with enthusiastic travelers who will soon experience one of the greatest cities in the world. Toronto Luxury Suites wants to be a part of this adventure with you.

Corporate Housing on the Rise

The Corporate Housing Industry is Exponentially Expanding in Large Cities

Corporate housing has seen rapid growth in the past 20 years as the idea gained widespread popularity and near-universal acclaim. While the early beneficiaries of the corporate housing boom were business teams and military personnel, now individual travelers, students, and vacationing families are reaping the multitude of benefits. While corporate housing may not be universally known by the consuming public, the many advantages over an extended hotel stay are apparent, and this section of the travel industry is spreading like wildfire.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, corporate housing is renting out a fully furnished condo, apartment, or house in contrast to a traditional hotel stay. The term is somewhat misleading, as corporate entities and executives are not the only sectors of the market where this idea has extensive appeal. These condos and apartments, especially in large metropolitan areas such as Toronto, New York, and Chicago, have tremendous value in place of a long hotel stay. The individual companies offering corporate housing in these cities offer lower rates, personalized service, and a myriad of different locations to choose from.


Choosing Toronto Luxury Suites over the Typical Hotel Experience

While the renowned and highly-reviewed corporate housing of Toronto Luxury Suites is less expensive than comparable hotel accommodations, this is far from the only major benefit. Toronto Luxury Suites was established in 2009, quickly ascending to the top of the Toronto corporate housing market because they are dedicated and enthusiastic about this industry and the many benefits for consumers. Their condos and apartments are hand-selected in the most popular areas of the city and professionally designed with the elements of comfort and quality as the primary focus.

Instead of your typical hotel experience, corporate housing allows you enjoy all the benefits and luxuries of home at an affordable price. The cost-effectiveness and practicality of having a kitchen, personal bedding, and well-equipped electronic equipment makes this choice a no-brainer. Corporate housing is the wave of the future, and Toronto Luxury Suites is here to help you enjoy your new home away from home.


The Convenience of Furnished Rentals in Toronto

Toronto Luxury Suites the Affordable and Simple Option

Toronto Luxury Suites is a company on the forefront of the rentals market within the lodging industry. Local housing companies are becoming more powerful and successful as the public realizes the benefits of choosing a company that owns properties within one city. Global housing companies may have a greater amount of resources, but are also less-detail oriented when it comes to management. Local companies like Toronto Luxury Suites may not be international, but their focus on providing quality furnished rentals in one area allows them to provide greater service at a lower cost.

Toronto Luxury suites knows their city. The downtown Toronto area is beautiful, with intense skyline views that take your breath away. However, larger companies offering furnished rentals do not know the inner workings of a specific area and thus do not take advantage of the perfect locations within the city. Toronto Luxury Suites owns several properties in the business and entertainment districts of downtown Toronto. Furthermore, these locations are adjacent to public transportation hubs, the most well-reviewed local eateries, and more obscure points of interest. These furnished rentals are brilliantly located, take advantage of the Toronto skyline, and come at an affordable rate due to local ownership. This focus and deep understanding of downtown Toronto has given the company a huge leg up on their competition.

The convenience of furnished rentals in Toronto cannot be overstated. Even for long-term reservations, having everything set up beforehand within the apartment makes this the ideal choice for tourists, businessmen, and college students. There are many options to choose from with regard to these furnished suites as well. This tends to be the greatest concern about local housing companies, as a smaller pool of resources can fewer options and amenities. Nothing could be further from the truth with Toronto Luxury Suites.

Despite focusing solely on the downtown area of Toronto, these suites are furnished with some of the most impressive amenities on the market. These go far beyond any similarly priced, high-end hotel rooms and also come with a full staff waiting to cater to your every need. With Toronto Luxury Suites, the local focus is an absolute positive, providing lower prices, an insightful understanding of their city, and some of the most impressive furnished rentals in North America.

Looking for Furnished Apartments in Toronto?

Looking for Furnished Apartments in Toronto?

Look No Further than Toronto Luxury Suites

Luxury furnished apartments can be a difficult find in the heart of downtown Toronto, at least at a reasonable price. Toronto is a magical city that entices travelers, businessmen, and tourists from across the globe. With such a Looking for Furnished Apartments in Toronto?massive demand for lodging in downtown Toronto, the price for a furnished apartment in the city can be immense. For tourists looking for a short-term stay as well as college students looking for an extended reservation, price can be a huge issue. While downtown Toronto is well worth the cost, there must be a better option than the inordinate amount of money that hotels charge within the city.

Toronto Luxury Suites was in part created to fit this very need. This company is absolutely exploding as businesses and travelers alike see the huge benefits of choosing one of their many furnished apartments in downtown Toronto. Their clientele is extremely diverse, coming from all walks of life and with different purposes in the city. Citizens looking to relocate to the downtown area find Toronto Luxury Suites to be an extremely attractive option because of the many different suites they offer in terms of price, location, and design. One can truly select the option that best fits their need. It is this flexibility that has given Toronto Luxury Suites such a vaunted reputation among those looking for furnished apartments.

Toronto Luxury Suites also provides furnished apartments for corporate housing and traveling businessmen looking for an extended stay. Along with the affordability that helps a company’s bottom line, these furnished apartments provide sublime comfort and impeccable service. All one must do is read the many reviews for a particular apartment to understand the level of luxury that comes along with a reservation. Full-service gyms, pools, sauna, and room service are all commonly found in furnished apartments provided by Toronto luxury suites. When one compares these amenities to the cost of rental, the value is simply astounding.

The highest level of luxury at a very affordable price. This is the reality of the furnished apartments available for rent with Toronto Luxury Suites. For business, pleasure, or living, these apartments come with a value that is truly rare in the lodging industry. Never deal with overpriced hotels ever again, and find true luxury and comfort in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The Benefits To Owning One Of The Best Furnished Apartments Toronto Has To Offer

The Benefits To Owning One Of The Best Furnished Apartments Toronto Has To Offer

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, therefore finding a quality apartment that is fully furnished becomes quite an easy task. If you are one of many people that wants to experience a more mature and exciting lifestyle, then moving to Toronto would be the best choice for you. The best part about Toronto, Canada is the fact that there are so many spacious vacant furnished apartments available at this very moment. If you’re still quite hesitant on moving to Toronto, then there are a couple things that you should know about moving to one of their apartments.

The Benefits To Owning One Of The Best Furnished Apartments Toronto Has To Offer

- Friendly Neighborhood

One of the main advantages to moving to one of the nicest furnished apartments Toronto has to offer is that the neighborhoods are typically filled with such friendly people. You will be welcomed wholeheartedly when you move to one of the apartments in Toronto, as Canadians are known for being very friendly.

- Fully Guarded

Most of the apartments, especially the luxurious apartments in Canada are fully guarded, meaning security guards will be around the entire premises of the apartment at all times. The best part is that there is security service 24/7 at most of the apartments there, meaning there won’t be a time where you won’t be guarded. Safety is something everyone wants nowadays, and the Toronto apartments can offer that.

- You’ll Be Near Everything

Another great benefit to moving to a Toronto apartment is that everything is near you. There are tons of stores, restaurants, and nightclubs that can easily be accessed by you when you live in a Toronto apartment. On top of that accessing museums and art galleries are very easy, which happens to be highly convenient if you are a student. Toronto is also very beautiful and fun with plenty of gorgeous tourist spots. Toronto is also a very safe place to live in considering the fact that it has quite a small crime rate for its large size. It is also a very culturally diverse city where there are tons of different races and nationalities. Toronto is also the perfect paradise for people who seem to be such hardcore shoppers.

- Wonderful Transportation

Toronto also offers such amazing transportation services for people, making it much easier to get around especially during the winter. You can get around wherever you want whenever you want because the public transportation is very easy to access.

The only downside to moving to a Toronto apartment is that wherever you go, there will always be big crowds of people, as it is such a big city. However, even though it is a big city, you will no have to worry about encountering rude people, as most of the people in Toronto are very friendly. Moving to a furnished Toronto apartment comes with an array of benefits, and the best part is that most of the apartments there are very spacious. You will definitely have such a great experience moving to Toronto.

The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

How to find the perfect executive rentals Toronto

Moving to Toronto can be quite a fun experience on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to find a nice place that is perfect for giving you somewhat a luxurious experience, then you must consider an executive rental home for you to sleep in. The majority of people who need a home in Toronto will usually go after a house that is meant for rent and usually is furnished. However, if you want a professionally designed and luxurious rental home, then nothing can ever beat out an executive home.

Are executive rentals in Toronto very expensive?

Most definitely, yes. This is something that is very worth the investment, but you must know that an executive rental is very expensive. For some, this is very important and very worth it, but for others, it can be very hard to pay for a high level executive rental unit for a very long time.

What makes an executive rental unit so expensive?

Usually there will be plenty of upgrades in the home, making it become extremely beautiful with the exterior to be quite stunning. The truth is that getting a nice looking executive is definitely tough at times. There are tons of people who find rental units as very worth it because of the nice furnished atmosphere and the quality of the rooms in the rented home. Most rental units that have a lot of upgrades will usually have a great setup of the entire house. This is what most people really want in their home. It is worth the investment to have this kind of home if you plan on staying there whether short term or long term.

What families should stay in an executive rental unit?

The majority of families out there who usually end up staying in these high end homes will be those that want a luxurious rental property and have the money to spend. Without the upfront investment and cash in hand, it is tough to pay for these homes. However, if you do have the money, it can be well worth the investment if you really do want to stay in a luxurious and very well upgraded home.

How to find the perfect executive rental unit:

You should always look for one that has great exterior and interior design. A home that has a great design and outlook on the outside will usually have the inside looking just as good. If you look at the inside of the home and there seems to be a few things that are lacking, then look somewhere else.

Executive rentals Toronto are very worth living in both for the long term and short term. If money is no issue in your life, a nicely designed house with an executive label can be a great place to stay for you and your family. Consider the tips above for choosing your home wisely. Most middle class families will aim for an ordinary kind of home, but with the budget, an executive rental home with a luxurious design can be what your family needs.

Luxury Toronto Suites

A New Way to Rent Toronto Furnished Apartments

Luxury Toronto Suites

Luxury Toronto Suites

Lower Price, Higher Quality, Better Value

Finding furnished apartments in any major city can be quite difficult, and Toronto is no different. The process can be grueling, and no matter how much research one may do, you can still end up on the wrong end of a horrendous deal. Toronto furnished apartments are few and far between, and they are extremely expensive to boot. Furthermore, it can be painstakingly difficult to find an apartment for rent that is within the exact time frame you need for your stay. When one finally does find a furnished apartment that does fit his or her needs, the price can be astronomical. Toronto Luxury Suites has eliminated all of these hassles through a streamlined service that also cuts down costs for the weary traveler looking for a stay in the amazing downtown area of Toronto.

This incredible new service eliminates all of these headaches because they have already done all of the searching for you. Simply by using Toronto Luxury Suites, you can choose from a wide selection of furnished apartments right in the heart of the city. These apartments vary greatly by location, style, available services, and cost. Searching for a furnished apartment in downtown Toronto has never been easier, and their easy to use interface actually makes it fun. Instead of being at the mercy of landlords and subletters who control every aspect of your stay, Toronto Luxury Suites places all of the power back to where it should belong, in the hands of the traveler.

One look at these luxury furnished apartments and you may think that they are out of your price range, as they are certainly of extremely high quality with sensational service. However, Toronto Luxury Suites is a new way to provide housing for those who will stay for either the short or long term, and they own these properties to provide a cheaper alternative to hotel rooms within the city. Because this service is so efficient, the price tag is unbelievably low, and the longer your stay, the less you will have to pay. If you are looking for a furnished apartment in downtown Toronto, look no further. With lower costs and breathtaking accommodations, Toronto Luxury Suites provides the greatest value in the industry.