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Furnished Apartments Currently Scarce Due to High Demand

Toronto Luxury Suites is Still Ahead of the Industry

In a recent industry development that only experts seem to have foreseen, furnished rentals are becoming more and more scarce due to a massive surge in popularity. Since there is a limited supply of these types of living accommodations, the skyrocketing demand has put some of the industry in a financial bottleneck. Serviced apartments are set to overtake hotel rooms as the new standard of the travel industry, with excellent value and low cost over their competition. However, some are wondering how many new units will be available in the future.

Luckily for travelers to the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Luxury Suits is the fastest growing provider for furnished rentals in the city, and have a multitude of different models to choose from in locations such as Old Toronto and Yorkville. While other companies are currently racing to purchase properties to establish their own serviced apartments, Toronto Luxury Suites saw this potential from the beginning and made sure to possess enough availability to meet the rising demand.

This company seemed to always have faith in the market for fully furnished apartments, and it is easy to see why. These rental units are less expensive than hotel rooms while boasting all the comforts and amenities of home. Furthermore, rental stays at these apartments are often flexible, with price points that vary based on how long the customer would like to remain at the location. It is a brilliant idea that has truly gained traction in recent years, combining all the benefits of an apartment rental while offering a cheap alternative to hotels.

Even with the number of serviced apartments rising, the market simply has not been able to keep up with demand. Industry experts predict that in order to meet the rising popularity of furnished apartment rentals, we could soon see entire city office block conversions. The advent of serviced apartments has dramatically altered the landscape of the travel and lodging market, and will continue to do so in the coming years.

If you are looking for a high-quality, inexpensive alternative to a hotel stay in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Luxury Suites is one of the few companies that has been able to keep up with demand. They have an impeccable customer service rating online and provide many different beautiful units throughout one of the greatest cities in the world.

Sensation is part of a 52-story, 543-suite glass/concrete tower located on Bay Street, just south of College. The building has world class amenities, and is state of the art. Click for booking and pricing information.

The Lodging Industry is Changing, and Fast

Furnished Rentals can be the Next Powerhouse of the Travel Market

The traditional hotel stay was once the standard for families on vacation, young professionals on a business trip, and weekend getaways in an exciting new city. This is quickly changing, and the hotel business is suffering  for it. Serviced rental apartments are now seen as the savvy, intelligent choice for travelers, as they offer all the comforts of home at a price that can be a fraction of the expense of a comparable room in a nice hotel. Instead of being cramped in a tiny room with minimal service, patrons of this quickly rising industry are treated like valued, long-term tenants as they cook meals and enjoy spacious accommodations. So how did the hotel industry start to fall into decline? How are furnished rental companies able to offer these luxurious units at a lower price than their competitors?

Some experts have pointed to hotels enjoying an extended period of time as the unrivaled kings of the travel industry and a lack of competition within their field. This theory states that because hotels had no relevant contenders to unseat them for such a long time, they lacked the motivation necessary to make improvements to their business model. Hotels were able to get away with charging large amounts that tended to exceeded their service and the quality of their accommodations. While specific hotels had to deal with competition from within their own market, the industry standard was set and these companies were able to set their own pricing.

Dynamic Competition Arises

It was only a matter of time before true competition did arise, and this upcoming challenger to the hotel throne is, unquestionably, furnished apartments. Clever property managers and business owners such as Toronto Luxury Suites were able to see that they could provide a better service at a lower cost while still earning a profit on their investment. The results have been astounding, as demand for serviced apartments and their rapid ascent in consumer popularity makes them true and formidable competitors for hotel corporations, which is something that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

So how will this change the landscape of the travel industry? The results can already be seen in a soaring demand for furnished rentals and an increase in the number of these models that are available to customers. Some are predicting that we will see a redesign of entire office blocks in order to keep up with consumer interest. Furnished, short-term rentals are the clear choice over hotels at the present time, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. A better question to ask would be how will hotels respond to such fierce competition? Because if they fail to change their ways, there will be a new king of the industry.

Toronto Luxury Suites

Reasons for Choosing a Serviced Apartment

Your Options for a Fun Family Getaway or Corporate Meeting Space

Furnished apartments are the future of travel, and many industry specialists have asserted that the traditional hotel stay will soon be completely replaced by fully-outfitted serviced

Toronto Luxury Suites

apartments. Aside from being much more expensive than serviced rentals, hotel rooms offer just a fraction of the amenities offered by these luxury suites. While hotels only offer the most basic of living requirements, these living spaces are truly a home away from

home, complete with living and dining areas, exclusive consumable options, and completely outfitted kitchens for the ultimate living experience in a new city. In short, there is no reason to rent a hotel room for an extended stay ever again.

There are several different options within the serviced apartment industry, and every traveler has unique needs and desires for their specific living arrangements. Some guests are looking for a fun and family-friendly vacation, while others seek corporate housing for business trips that require a professional ambiance for entertaining potential clients. Toronto Luxury Suites has a vast array of different models throughout the city, and each apartment comes with a unique style that is tailored to your specifications.

Family Vacation and Holiday Apartments

Perhaps the most common reason for seeking a luxury furnished apartment in the Toronto area is for family vacations and holiday getaways. Instead of being cramped in a miniscule hotel room that is extremely expensive, savvy families have learned that serviced apartments offer all of comforts of home, greatly reducing stress and eliminating the disappointment of a generic room in a massive hotel building. Instead of feeling like a nameless, faceless consumer, families are treated like owners, completely at peace within their very own living room despite being miles away from home.

Corporate Housing

In contrast to the family vacation, furnished apartments have proven extremely effective for business trips and corporate housing. Companies of every size have fallen in love with the reduced cost and increased value associated with serviced apartments. These accommodations are perfect for accomplishing work away from the office, and more importantly, offer a space that can be used to entertain and impress potential clients and business partners. Holding a meeting in a diminutive hotel room is simply not ideal, but having your very own fully furnished apartment provides a space that can be utilized for meetings, presentations, and small conferences.

No matter your reason for seeking a furnished apartment in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Luxury Suites can help you find the serviced apartment that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether it is for family fun or a more professional locale, choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel room is clearly the optimal decision.


Time to Find Executive Rentals in Toronto?

Situations Where You will want to Rent an Executive Suite

scollard1_HDRExecutive rentals are affordable but extravagant accommodations for temporary stay and are quickly replacing the traditional hotel rental. Toronto Luxury Suites has some of the most highly-touted and well-reviewed executive rentals in the industry with many different locations in downtown Toronto. There are many reasons to select an executive rental in Toronto, many benefits for anyone visiting the area.

Toronto Luxury Suites also offers short or long-term executive rentals, with attractive discounts for those who need to stay for an extended period of time. The impeccable amenities, dedication to customer service, and hand-selected apartments are all widely praised by consumers. This leaves the question: who purchases executive rentals in Toronto, and when do they rent them?

Business Engagements

The most common and popular reason to book an executive rental in Toronto is business-related. Business trips drive the executive rental industry, as professionals enjoy the greater privacy, comfort, and lower price. The business world is, after all, driven by finance and those within this sector love the cost-effectiveness of these furnished Toronto apartments over hotel rooms.

Executive rentals provide many advantages when meeting with prospective clients or partner organizations as well, because the greater space and luxury leaves a wonderful impression. These apartments are also very popular with young professionals as they travel to Toronto for interviews with potential businesses.

Vacationing with Family in Toronto

Anyone who has had a family vacation involving a hotel room understands how crowded these places can be. Furthermore, the extra amenities are beloved by kids and teenagers due to the extra electronic equipment and entertainment rooms. Parents love the affordability, functionality, and the privacy associated with executive rentals.

Why not save the extra money that would normally go to the hotel corporation for fun outings in the beautiful downtown area of Toronto?

Moving to Toronto

Moving to a new city can be a stressful experience, but can also be made much easier and even fun with the right executive rentals. Many look into these furnished apartments while they look for a more permanent location because they are practically in one already, just without the long-term contract. Executive rentals in Toronto are a great way to ease the transition for future residents in one of the greatest cities in the world.


The Finest Executive Rentals in Toronto


The term “executive rental” has many connotations associated with it, primarily dealing with status or luxury. Management, wealth, comfort are all words that may come to mind when one thinks of executive rentals. While these are apt connotations, executive rentals do not need to be overly expensive and opulent. After all, the executives or managers of a company understand the importance of the bottom line and trimming the fat out of a budget. However, a wise, affordable rental does not have to sacrifice luxury or comfort either.

The most important term here is “value.” When it comes to executive rentals, value is the result of a thorough cost-benefit analysis, weighing the price of the rental against the quality. Essentially, this is how much one receives in exchange for each dollar spent. Toronto Luxury Suites is the ultimate choice for value, as each dollar spent for one of these fantastic executive rentals goes further than anywhere else, especially compared to high-end hotel reservations.

While one does not want to overpay for an executive rental in Toronto, the personal comfort and luxury that comes along with these furnished apartments is extremely important. This is especially true when one considers the impression this can leave with potential clients. Having business conducted from a location of impressive splendor can have a massive impact on business partners. These executive rentals show that a company has the resources to treat their clients very well while being monetarily intelligent.

A potential client meeting in one of Toronto Luxury Suites’ executive rentals is an experience that will certainly leave an impression. This is absolutely not a hotel, which would spur one to ask how the lodging was reserved. The explanation is impressive, because these executive rentals are extremely inexpensive weighed against the luxury of the acquisition. Explaining the rental displays an intuitive knowledge of value and an adept mind for finding a non-traditional solutions to conventional problems.

The executive rentals with Toronto Luxury Suites are very well reviewed, come along with excellent service and amenities, and boast immense value. Any management team can find great worth in one of the many options available for executive rental. These furnished condos and apartments evoke a wonderful response in both the executive and client, and are well worth their affordable price and flexible options. For an innovative solution to the traditional problem of finding quality corporate lodging at an affordable price, look no further than Toronto Luxury Suites.

Toronto Luxury Suites Customer Reviews: Smooth

Toronto Luxury Suites Customer Reviews: Smooth

Executive Suite in the Heart of the Financial District

In another stellar review for a fully furnished Toronto Luxury Suites model, today we will take a look at Smooth, located in the Bloor-Yorkville area in the heart of financial district. The location makes this suite perfect for anyone looking to do business in the heart of downtown Toronto. The model itself is extremely impressive, with panoramic views and an open feel of tranquility. Even in the midst of a heavily industrialized, busy downtown area, Smooth creates the feeling of relaxation within its window-lined walls.

The location within the financial district is perfect enough to attract businessmen from around the world, but the amenities and layout of the model put Smooth over the top. Mark S. for Missouri places this all in perspective from the angle of a successful business trip:

“Their one and a half bed unit worked great for me including a separate office to facilitate completion of those late night assignments. The managers could not have been more pleasant and professional from showing to checkout – they anticipate your needs prior to your arrival, fully provision each room, listen and respond quickly to your requests and questions and are available to help in any way they can. Everything is turnkey, each suite boasts personally selected furnishings – all you need to bring is your suitcase and briefcase. If I have a need in the future they will get my call.”

This resounding endorsement of the Toronto Luxury Suites model speaks volumes about the local staff, wonderful location, and environment perfect for working and conducting business. With over 700 square feet of floor space, this model is expansive, containing a den as well as a living room. The views from this high-rise apartment are spectacular, as one can view the skyline as well as the beautiful, crystal clear lake. The expansive feel and layout of Smooth is amplified by the floor to ceiling windows, increasing the available viewpoints of the city.

Smooth has a very modern look and feel, with tile bathroom floors, granite countertops, and hardwood flooring throughout the space. The walls are ten feet high, which lends credence to its reputation as an expansive space. There is a gym, sauna, pool, and many other amenities within the building, creating endless possibilities with which to spend one’s day. Whether it be business, pleasure, or relaxation, Smooth is a fully furnished suite that goes well beyond the expectations of all who have the wonderful opportunity to stay there.

The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

How to find the perfect executive rentals Toronto

Moving to Toronto can be quite a fun experience on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to find a nice place that is perfect for giving you somewhat a luxurious experience, then you must consider an executive rental home for you to sleep in. The majority of people who need a home in Toronto will usually go after a house that is meant for rent and usually is furnished. However, if you want a professionally designed and luxurious rental home, then nothing can ever beat out an executive home.

Are executive rentals in Toronto very expensive?

Most definitely, yes. This is something that is very worth the investment, but you must know that an executive rental is very expensive. For some, this is very important and very worth it, but for others, it can be very hard to pay for a high level executive rental unit for a very long time.

What makes an executive rental unit so expensive?

Usually there will be plenty of upgrades in the home, making it become extremely beautiful with the exterior to be quite stunning. The truth is that getting a nice looking executive is definitely tough at times. There are tons of people who find rental units as very worth it because of the nice furnished atmosphere and the quality of the rooms in the rented home. Most rental units that have a lot of upgrades will usually have a great setup of the entire house. This is what most people really want in their home. It is worth the investment to have this kind of home if you plan on staying there whether short term or long term.

What families should stay in an executive rental unit?

The majority of families out there who usually end up staying in these high end homes will be those that want a luxurious rental property and have the money to spend. Without the upfront investment and cash in hand, it is tough to pay for these homes. However, if you do have the money, it can be well worth the investment if you really do want to stay in a luxurious and very well upgraded home.

How to find the perfect executive rental unit:

You should always look for one that has great exterior and interior design. A home that has a great design and outlook on the outside will usually have the inside looking just as good. If you look at the inside of the home and there seems to be a few things that are lacking, then look somewhere else.

Executive rentals Toronto are very worth living in both for the long term and short term. If money is no issue in your life, a nicely designed house with an executive label can be a great place to stay for you and your family. Consider the tips above for choosing your home wisely. Most middle class families will aim for an ordinary kind of home, but with the budget, an executive rental home with a luxurious design can be what your family needs.