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The Lodging Industry is Changing, and Fast

Furnished Rentals can be the Next Powerhouse of the Travel Market

The traditional hotel stay was once the standard for families on vacation, young professionals on a business trip, and weekend getaways in an exciting new city. This is quickly changing, and the hotel business is suffering  for it. Serviced rental apartments are now seen as the savvy, intelligent choice for travelers, as they offer all the comforts of home at a price that can be a fraction of the expense of a comparable room in a nice hotel. Instead of being cramped in a tiny room with minimal service, patrons of this quickly rising industry are treated like valued, long-term tenants as they cook meals and enjoy spacious accommodations. So how did the hotel industry start to fall into decline? How are furnished rental companies able to offer these luxurious units at a lower price than their competitors?

Some experts have pointed to hotels enjoying an extended period of time as the unrivaled kings of the travel industry and a lack of competition within their field. This theory states that because hotels had no relevant contenders to unseat them for such a long time, they lacked the motivation necessary to make improvements to their business model. Hotels were able to get away with charging large amounts that tended to exceeded their service and the quality of their accommodations. While specific hotels had to deal with competition from within their own market, the industry standard was set and these companies were able to set their own pricing.

Dynamic Competition Arises

It was only a matter of time before true competition did arise, and this upcoming challenger to the hotel throne is, unquestionably, furnished apartments. Clever property managers and business owners such as Toronto Luxury Suites were able to see that they could provide a better service at a lower cost while still earning a profit on their investment. The results have been astounding, as demand for serviced apartments and their rapid ascent in consumer popularity makes them true and formidable competitors for hotel corporations, which is something that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

So how will this change the landscape of the travel industry? The results can already be seen in a soaring demand for furnished rentals and an increase in the number of these models that are available to customers. Some are predicting that we will see a redesign of entire office blocks in order to keep up with consumer interest. Furnished, short-term rentals are the clear choice over hotels at the present time, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. A better question to ask would be how will hotels respond to such fierce competition? Because if they fail to change their ways, there will be a new king of the industry.

Luxury Toronto Suites

The Future of Corporate Housing

Increasing Efficiency, Affordability, and Expanding in the Lodging Industry

Toronto Luxury Suites is revolutionizing the corporate housing business, and are now considered the pinnacle of the industry. Corporate housing commerce has absolutely exploded in the travel industry, taking up a larger portion of the international lodging industry in recent years. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years, and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Luxury Toronto Suites

Luxury Toronto Suites

This massive boom of corporate housing opportunities has risen out of several factors. The economy is slowly re-emerging, recovering from the massive North American housing crisis. There are now more start-ups and entrepreneurs than there have been in years, which has led to a meteoric rise in demand for quality corporate housing, and this is especially true of the downtown Toronto area.

Another very large factor in the corporate housing boom is the advancement and improvement of businesses within the industry. Global and local corporate housing organizations can now offer lodging to corporations and small businesses at lower rates and with greater flexibility. This has caused efficient corporate housing companies to rival high-end hotel reservations, which they are expected to overtake within the next coming years.

Toronto Luxury Suites is at the forefront of this revolution. By offering superior suites at the local level for both long and short-term stays, Toronto Luxury draws the interest of both large and small businesses alike. As more entrepreneurs seek quality corporate housing in the most convenient and popular areas of downtown, Toronto Luxury Suites already offers superior options compared to hotels in the area. This local corporate housing company is flexible, affordable, and offers some of the most spectacular lodging in the industry. With a myriad of options to choose from, incredible views, and unparalleled service, Toronto Luxury Suites has become the model to which all local corporate housing businesses aspire.

With prices far below similar hotel reservations, this is a very attractive option for corporate housing in Toronto. With a stellar track record and user-submitted reviews that are absolutely off the charts, Toronto Luxury Suites has become a powerful force in the corporate housing market. This trend will undoubtedly continue, and it seems like Toronto Luxury Suites will be a major player in the corporate housing world for years to come.

Toronto Luxury Suites

Blissed – Toronto Luxury Suites Review

Responsive Management and Convenient Location

It is has been very well established that Toronto Luxury Suites wields a great amount of influence with their customers due to the exceptional service they provide. The founders of the company as well as management have made the primary priority of the company their customers and guests, and it is shown not only in their rise to the top of the industry, but in their online reviews as well. Toronto Luxury Suites has a spectacular reputation as a company that truly cares about their customers and does everything within their power to ensure they receive as much value for their purchase as possible.

This can be seen in their reviews, which have been extremely positive over the past few years. In fact, one would be very hard pressed to find a single review that had anything negative to say about the company. There are many models of furnished suites to choose from with Toronto Luxury suites, widely varying in price, location and amenities. One such suite is called Blissed, and the reviews for this model are exemplary. Located in the heart of Yorkville in downtown Toronto, Blissed is at the historic center of charm, style, and culture for the city. However, the reviews focus on a different aspect of the furnished suite. Gascoigne from Chicago writes:

“Wonderful experience. All that I was looking for with great amenities and a short walk to everything the city has to offer. Immaculately maintained & very responsive management when needed.”

This review truly gives a sense that not only was the apartment beautiful and in the perfect location, but the management did everything they could to ensure a relaxing, pleasant, and worry-free stay. The amenities for Blissed are also impressive, with a sauna, balcony, pool table, and high definition TV. However, the focus of these reviews tend to still gravitate towards responsive management, as Rachel from Fort Lauderdale writes:

“Everything was wonderful. if there was ever an issue to address, regardless as to how minor it may have been, it was attended to immediately. I would definitely stay here again and would highly recommend it to other traveler in the Toronto area.”

Despite an incredible location, fabulous amenities, and a luxurious presentation, customers still focus on the ability of management to cater to their every need. This absolutely bodes well for the local housing company as they challenge the hotel giants for supremacy. They have a zealous customer base that is spreading the word: Toronto Luxury Suites cares deeply about its customers.

The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

The Apex of Toronto Furnished Suites

Since their creation in 2009, few companies have been as successful as Toronto Luxury Suites in the greater Toronto area. Their growth has been exponential; their rise to the top of the furnished suites market in the lodging industry has been meteoric. So what has caused this company to find so much unbridled success despite being relatively young? There are many factors to consider when analyzing Toronto Luxury Suites’ foray into the furnished suites market, but their revolutionary new approach has had the greatest initial impact.

In 2009, Toronto Luxury Suites set themselves up for success by adopting a mindset of luxury, flexibility, and affordability. These three principles guide everything the company does with regard to their furnished suites. The luxury, which is included in the company’s name, is a dedication to providing superior amenities, brilliant skyline views, and over-the-top service which has left customers simply floored.

The flexibility of Toronto Luxury Suites stems from their multiple locations, options in terms of price, and a myriad of different furnished suite models to choose from. This has caused Toronto Luxury Suites to develop a very diverse clientele, ranging from corporate executives to families on vacation.

The affordability aspect is one of the primary reasons Toronto Luxury Suites was created. Hotels in the downtown area, with all of their wealth and power, charge a gargantuan amount of money to book a stay in downtown Toronto. While the furnished luxury suites may not exactly be cheap, they are extremely inexpensive when compared to similar hotels in the area. This company was born out of a need for an affordable alternative to high-end hotels in downtown Toronto, and their superior furnished suites have done just that.

Toronto Luxury Suites has become a wonder of downtown Toronto, completely changing the way travelers view temporary lodging. They have a diverse customer base that is overjoyed with their pricing and extraordinary service. They are extremely well-reviewed, showing a level of customer satisfaction that absolutely crushes the hotel industry. The writing is on the wall for high-end hotels in the downtown Toronto area, and Toronto Luxury Suites is the company that wrote it.


Advantages of Picking Furnished Suites over Hotels

A lot of people are nowadays opting to stay in Toronto furnished suites over going to hotels because they have noticed the variety of benefits that they stand to gain from them. This is one of the major reasons that the real estate is really booming as more and more investors see the profits to be made in this sector instead of buying and selling houses or investing in hotels. Below are just some of the major advantages that are making so many people steer clear of the hotels and choose these luxury pads instead.

First and foremost, the main reason that a lot of people are choosing the Toronto furnished suites is the amenities you will get. To begin with, they are very spacious when taken in comparison with hotel rooms that you would get for the very same amount of money. Hotels charge a lot for their space as they know a lot of people go to hotels first as they do not know of other easier options. It is common to find hotels with pools but these suites are offering you a larger space and the pool as well. You will also have other amenities some hotels may not have invested in like fitness or recreational center and a place that you can hold a barbeque.

The second and perhaps one of the biggest reasons that a lot of people are running to the Toronto furnished suites are that they are more functional than the hotels. In hotels you get the basic necessities like a shower, a bed and a fridge. The suites however will give you much more. You will have a full kitchen complete with the utensils you need so that you can cook for yourself instead of having to eat in the hotel restaurant or go into town. You will also have a dining and living room in case you are not alone. These come in very handy for those who are in town to have a business meeting or dinner.

While the hotels will require you to hand over your laundry for them to do, a lot of the Toronto furnished suites will have their own washing machines and dryers. This means that you no longer have to worry about the hotel laundry service ruining your favorite clothes. You can do your laundry by yourself the best way you know how.

Internet has become like a basic necessity nowadays and a lot of the hotels will charge you to have it in your room. Those that do not offer it in the rooms leave you with no option but to go down to the lobby or to a coffee shop just to check your mails. The Toronto furnished suites however will more often than not have free internet services in the rooms for the whole building.

Looking at all these advantages, it becomes clear that there is one major umbrella that covers them all. The suites give a more ‘at-home’ feel than the hotels and also offer more amenities making them a favorite for today’s impermanent tenants.