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Furnished Apartments Currently Scarce Due to High Demand

Toronto Luxury Suites is Still Ahead of the Industry

In a recent industry development that only experts seem to have foreseen, furnished rentals are becoming more and more scarce due to a massive surge in popularity. Since there is a limited supply of these types of living accommodations, the skyrocketing demand has put some of the industry in a financial bottleneck. Serviced apartments are set to overtake hotel rooms as the new standard of the travel industry, with excellent value and low cost over their competition. However, some are wondering how many new units will be available in the future.

Luckily for travelers to the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Luxury Suits is the fastest growing provider for furnished rentals in the city, and have a multitude of different models to choose from in locations such as Old Toronto and Yorkville. While other companies are currently racing to purchase properties to establish their own serviced apartments, Toronto Luxury Suites saw this potential from the beginning and made sure to possess enough availability to meet the rising demand.

This company seemed to always have faith in the market for fully furnished apartments, and it is easy to see why. These rental units are less expensive than hotel rooms while boasting all the comforts and amenities of home. Furthermore, rental stays at these apartments are often flexible, with price points that vary based on how long the customer would like to remain at the location. It is a brilliant idea that has truly gained traction in recent years, combining all the benefits of an apartment rental while offering a cheap alternative to hotels.

Even with the number of serviced apartments rising, the market simply has not been able to keep up with demand. Industry experts predict that in order to meet the rising popularity of furnished apartment rentals, we could soon see entire city office block conversions. The advent of serviced apartments has dramatically altered the landscape of the travel and lodging market, and will continue to do so in the coming years.

If you are looking for a high-quality, inexpensive alternative to a hotel stay in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Luxury Suites is one of the few companies that has been able to keep up with demand. They have an impeccable customer service rating online and provide many different beautiful units throughout one of the greatest cities in the world.


Find Irresistible “Charm” in the Big City

The Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Modernity

Toronto Luxury Suites is well known for providing the ultimate accommodation experience, and “Charm” is the pinnacle of this dedication to quality. Charm is incredibly spacious, with eleven hundred feet of floor space and two bedrooms, making it the perfect selection for a large group of travelers or those who would like to host social events. While Charm is sleek and modern, in a brand new building with cutting-edge technology, there is a classic ambiance and quiet appeal. It is this unique, avant-garde fusion of grandeur and subtlety that gives this fully furnished apartment its name. This luxury condo is perfect for a family getaway with its stylish appearance, yet is also subtle and classy enough for a business trip where impressing clients is of the utmost importance.

Charm is located in the heart of Yorkville within a futuristic 7-story building of glass and concrete that dazzles the senses. This structure may be in the center of the city, but it has a feeling of great privacy and seclusion due to its exclusive nature. While eleven hundred feet of floor space is impressive for any luxury suite, Charm looks and feels even bigger than that number might suggest. The walls are a lofty nine feet high, the balcony overlooks a beautiful courtyard, and the wide-open northeast view makes Charm feel like a grand, unbridled experience. It is very uncommon to find an apartment in the middle of a large metropolitan city that looks and feels uniquely open and free, but Charm accomplishes this feat brilliantly.

The amenities of this lavish suite are simply unparalleled, representing the apex of the lodging industry. The unblemished, alabaster hue of the interior is augmented by granite counter tops, stainless steels appliances, and marble bathroom floors. The kitchen, light fixtures, and bathroom have all been renovated to a state of the art standard. While this class of luxury apartment may sound like it should be overwhelmingly expensive, guests soon discover how affordable a charming stay in Toronto can actually be. This exclusive model is already less expensive than a hotel room, and offers a living experience that you will not soon forget.

The Importance of Location to Toronto Luxury Suites

Convenient Proximity and Breathtaking Views in the Heart of Downtown

There are several key aspects of Toronto Luxury Suites that have made this company something truly special. Their loyal customers often speak of a friendly, helpful staff and service that consistently goes above and beyond in order to make a rental experience exceptional for their guests. Online reviews glow when describing the interiors of each stunning furnished apartment. Furthermore, this company has showed a strong dedication to affordable rates and flexible pricing plans to ensure travelers will be able to enjoy these executive rentals without breaking the bank in the process. Yes, Toronto Luxury Suites has a sterling reputation and several commendable qualities, including some of the most desirable destinations in the city.

Finding the Perfect Locale

A central factor behind the early success of this company is a strict attention to detail and the highly discerning standards behind the initial selection of their accommodations in downtown Toronto. Each unit undergoes diligent examination for both quality and location by the experienced specialists of this organization.

This incredibly detailed inspection places a special emphasis on the physical  location of each apartment, their views and sight lines, and proximity to areas of interest within the city. Despite having many different rentals available to travelers, guests discover that each apartment is located near specific areas of interest and activity, as well as easily accessible public transportation options for maneuvering throughout the city. The Toronto Luxury Suites staff is exceptionally knowledgeable about the unique services and amenities that surround each executive rental, and are able to help their customers find the one location that best fits their specific needs.

Some guests are looking to have a fun and highly social enterprise in Toronto. Others are interested in the business district, and many want an immersive cultural experience that reflects the spirit and history of this metropolitan delight. With furnished rentals available that can provide each one of these experiences to guests, speaking with an expert from Toronto Luxury Suites will ensure that one’s specific needs and desires are fully met. There are many different adventures and experiences that can be made in this awe-inspiring city, and this company knows precisely how to make each dream a reality.

Toronto Luxury Suites

Reasons for Choosing a Serviced Apartment

Your Options for a Fun Family Getaway or Corporate Meeting Space

Furnished apartments are the future of travel, and many industry specialists have asserted that the traditional hotel stay will soon be completely replaced by fully-outfitted serviced

Toronto Luxury Suites

apartments. Aside from being much more expensive than serviced rentals, hotel rooms offer just a fraction of the amenities offered by these luxury suites. While hotels only offer the most basic of living requirements, these living spaces are truly a home away from

home, complete with living and dining areas, exclusive consumable options, and completely outfitted kitchens for the ultimate living experience in a new city. In short, there is no reason to rent a hotel room for an extended stay ever again.

There are several different options within the serviced apartment industry, and every traveler has unique needs and desires for their specific living arrangements. Some guests are looking for a fun and family-friendly vacation, while others seek corporate housing for business trips that require a professional ambiance for entertaining potential clients. Toronto Luxury Suites has a vast array of different models throughout the city, and each apartment comes with a unique style that is tailored to your specifications.

Family Vacation and Holiday Apartments

Perhaps the most common reason for seeking a luxury furnished apartment in the Toronto area is for family vacations and holiday getaways. Instead of being cramped in a miniscule hotel room that is extremely expensive, savvy families have learned that serviced apartments offer all of comforts of home, greatly reducing stress and eliminating the disappointment of a generic room in a massive hotel building. Instead of feeling like a nameless, faceless consumer, families are treated like owners, completely at peace within their very own living room despite being miles away from home.

Corporate Housing

In contrast to the family vacation, furnished apartments have proven extremely effective for business trips and corporate housing. Companies of every size have fallen in love with the reduced cost and increased value associated with serviced apartments. These accommodations are perfect for accomplishing work away from the office, and more importantly, offer a space that can be used to entertain and impress potential clients and business partners. Holding a meeting in a diminutive hotel room is simply not ideal, but having your very own fully furnished apartment provides a space that can be utilized for meetings, presentations, and small conferences.

No matter your reason for seeking a furnished apartment in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto Luxury Suites can help you find the serviced apartment that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether it is for family fun or a more professional locale, choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel room is clearly the optimal decision.

Finding Furnished Rentals in Toronto

Simplifying your Search in the Greater Toronto Area

Searching for a furnished apartment or a short-term rental in a large metropolitan area can certainly seem like a daunting task. Making the smart decision to choose a furnished apartment over an expensive hotel stay may be a no-brainer, but finding the perfect one for your situation may seem much more difficult.  Toronto Luxury Suites would like to help you simplify your search, and with two simple tips, you can find the furnished apartment that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Have a Chat with Industry Professionals

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry and can help you decide which furnished apartment will be best for you and your family, even if it is not with us. We have a dedication to the community that is unparalleled, and we are always happy to speak with travelers from every walk of life, helping them find a home away from home.

There are many reasons why Toronto Luxury Suites is the number one choice for furnished apartments in the Greater Toronto Area, not the least of which is a knack for finding a space for families from every walk of life. We own a myriad of properties throughout the city, with many different models and locations to choose from. If finding a furnished rental in Toronto is your goal, let us help guide you towards the perfect luxury suite. Our eager, friendly, and knowledgeable staff is always at the ready to discuss your options and aid you in your search.

Read Your Reviews

One of the greatest consumer assets in the modern era is the advent of user-based reviews, which can be viewed and analyzed by anyone with access to a computer. Toronto Luxury Suites enjoys one of the most stellar reputations in the industry, consistently ranking at the very top of customer satisfaction. Reading what other travelers have experienced offers the greatest insight into what you can expect from one of our many different luxury apartments.

Our exemplary standing within the travel community can be easily seen by viewing our page on the website TripAdvisor, where Toronto Luxury Suites currently holds a perfect “excellent” rating among consumers. We will go above and beyond for each and every one of our guests, and this promise is backed up by every online review posted by our loyal fans.

For the finest luxury apartments in the Toronto area, please contact us today. We love speaking with enthusiastic travelers who will soon experience one of the greatest cities in the world. Toronto Luxury Suites wants to be a part of this adventure with you.


Casa Blanca: The Castle in the Sky

Wildly Popular Furnished Apartment Rental from Toronto Luxury Suites


The view of the city of Toronto is stunning from the grand, wraparound balcony of Casa Blanca, and the appearance of the executive suite itself is exquisite. Located within a 46 story glass and concrete highrise on Charles street, the building is modern, cutting-edge, and located in one of the most popular areas in the city of Toronto.There are several celebrated restaurants in the area, a large Metro for easy transportation, and the Eaton Center, the largest mall in downtown Toronto. The view from the majestic balcony of Casa Blanca from Toronto Luxury Suites includes the lake and city in one gorgeous panorama.

Casa Blanca is beloved by the guests of Toronto Luxury Suites for the location and view as well as the striking interior of the executive suite. With over 1,000 square feet of floor space, 250 square feet of balcony, and 10 foot high walls, the space is massive and feels even larger than it is. There are two washrooms, floor to ceiling windows, and the design is absolutely alluring. The iridescent glow of the white countertops balances well against the silver hue of the stainless steel amenities. The glass tables and hardwood floors throughout the apartment add to this advanced, new-age ambiance while maintaining an air of dignified class.The interior feels brand new, sleek, modern, and it is.

Casa Blanca Service: Too Many Amenities to Count

The primary selling points of this state-of-the-art highrise building are a full-service gym, pool, hot tub, sauna, and an exclusive rooftop patio. The entire building is perfect for the family, prospective clients, or any guest who appreciates the finer things in life. Furthermore, the executive suite has everything someone could ask for. Indoor parking, cooking utensils, and a stainless steel oven make Casa Blanca a home away from home. A security guard, 24-hour security system, and round the clock concierge service provide safety and support whenever you may need it.

Casa Blanca is extremely well-reviewed, adored by many, rivaled by none. This executive rental is well-known and highly valued, so you will want to book your stay far in advance. Contact Toronto Luxury Suites today, and they will be more than happy to answer any question you may have about our modern castle in the Toronto sky.


The Finest Executive Rentals in Toronto


The term “executive rental” has many connotations associated with it, primarily dealing with status or luxury. Management, wealth, comfort are all words that may come to mind when one thinks of executive rentals. While these are apt connotations, executive rentals do not need to be overly expensive and opulent. After all, the executives or managers of a company understand the importance of the bottom line and trimming the fat out of a budget. However, a wise, affordable rental does not have to sacrifice luxury or comfort either.

The most important term here is “value.” When it comes to executive rentals, value is the result of a thorough cost-benefit analysis, weighing the price of the rental against the quality. Essentially, this is how much one receives in exchange for each dollar spent. Toronto Luxury Suites is the ultimate choice for value, as each dollar spent for one of these fantastic executive rentals goes further than anywhere else, especially compared to high-end hotel reservations.

While one does not want to overpay for an executive rental in Toronto, the personal comfort and luxury that comes along with these furnished apartments is extremely important. This is especially true when one considers the impression this can leave with potential clients. Having business conducted from a location of impressive splendor can have a massive impact on business partners. These executive rentals show that a company has the resources to treat their clients very well while being monetarily intelligent.

A potential client meeting in one of Toronto Luxury Suites’ executive rentals is an experience that will certainly leave an impression. This is absolutely not a hotel, which would spur one to ask how the lodging was reserved. The explanation is impressive, because these executive rentals are extremely inexpensive weighed against the luxury of the acquisition. Explaining the rental displays an intuitive knowledge of value and an adept mind for finding a non-traditional solutions to conventional problems.

The executive rentals with Toronto Luxury Suites are very well reviewed, come along with excellent service and amenities, and boast immense value. Any management team can find great worth in one of the many options available for executive rental. These furnished condos and apartments evoke a wonderful response in both the executive and client, and are well worth their affordable price and flexible options. For an innovative solution to the traditional problem of finding quality corporate lodging at an affordable price, look no further than Toronto Luxury Suites.

Luxury Toronto Suites

The Future of Corporate Housing

Increasing Efficiency, Affordability, and Expanding in the Lodging Industry

Toronto Luxury Suites is revolutionizing the corporate housing business, and are now considered the pinnacle of the industry. Corporate housing commerce has absolutely exploded in the travel industry, taking up a larger portion of the international lodging industry in recent years. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years, and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Luxury Toronto Suites

Luxury Toronto Suites

This massive boom of corporate housing opportunities has risen out of several factors. The economy is slowly re-emerging, recovering from the massive North American housing crisis. There are now more start-ups and entrepreneurs than there have been in years, which has led to a meteoric rise in demand for quality corporate housing, and this is especially true of the downtown Toronto area.

Another very large factor in the corporate housing boom is the advancement and improvement of businesses within the industry. Global and local corporate housing organizations can now offer lodging to corporations and small businesses at lower rates and with greater flexibility. This has caused efficient corporate housing companies to rival high-end hotel reservations, which they are expected to overtake within the next coming years.

Toronto Luxury Suites is at the forefront of this revolution. By offering superior suites at the local level for both long and short-term stays, Toronto Luxury draws the interest of both large and small businesses alike. As more entrepreneurs seek quality corporate housing in the most convenient and popular areas of downtown, Toronto Luxury Suites already offers superior options compared to hotels in the area. This local corporate housing company is flexible, affordable, and offers some of the most spectacular lodging in the industry. With a myriad of options to choose from, incredible views, and unparalleled service, Toronto Luxury Suites has become the model to which all local corporate housing businesses aspire.

With prices far below similar hotel reservations, this is a very attractive option for corporate housing in Toronto. With a stellar track record and user-submitted reviews that are absolutely off the charts, Toronto Luxury Suites has become a powerful force in the corporate housing market. This trend will undoubtedly continue, and it seems like Toronto Luxury Suites will be a major player in the corporate housing world for years to come.

The High Esteem of Toronto Luxury Suites

The High Esteem of Toronto Luxury Suites

Customer Reviews Show why Company is so Successful

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to any company looking for success in the modern, competitive business era. While corporations still wield a massive amount of power, they are vulnerable to smaller and younger companies. With the advent of social media and online consumer awareness, businesses that treat their customers well and provide a quality service at an affordable price have increased availability. Word gets around online, and customers have the ability to access and share information like never before. This has been a wonderful advancement for companies that have a dedication to keeping their customers happy.

Toronto Luxury Suites is one of these companies that is benefiting greatly from the internet age. In the past, the hotel industry has had a stranglehold on the temporary lodging market, but this up and coming business has begun to seriously cut into their bottom line. This comes from an innovative new way to provide high-end, furnished suites in a more effective manner than larger hotel companies. However, spreading the word about this brave new way to do business in the furnished housing market has come in large part from their own customers.

Toronto Luxury Suites has a dedicated customer and fan base, and this is a gross understatement. Through a travel review website called Flipkey, customers have been so moved by Toronto Luxury Suites that they have flocked to this website to share their experiences and encourage others to forgo a hotel stay in favor of their superior service. Currently, Toronto Luxury Suites holds an aggregate 5-star review with the website, with not one review grading the company below 4 stars. This is absolutely unheard of, and goes to show how pleased the consuming public has been with Toronto Luxury Suites.

These reviews are so surprising because more often than not, these reviews tend to come from those who have had a negative experience and would like to do some damage to a company. With Toronto Luxury Suites, customers are so moved, so happy with the experience that they have gone out of their way to recommend them over hotel services for similar accommodations. A dedication to pleasing customers is a surefire way to bolster consumer confidence and achieve success, and it seems this is the exact approach Toronto Luxury Suites is utilizing. It’s working wonders, and is not slowing down anytime soon.

Toronto Luxury Suites

Blissed – Toronto Luxury Suites Review

Responsive Management and Convenient Location

It is has been very well established that Toronto Luxury Suites wields a great amount of influence with their customers due to the exceptional service they provide. The founders of the company as well as management have made the primary priority of the company their customers and guests, and it is shown not only in their rise to the top of the industry, but in their online reviews as well. Toronto Luxury Suites has a spectacular reputation as a company that truly cares about their customers and does everything within their power to ensure they receive as much value for their purchase as possible.

This can be seen in their reviews, which have been extremely positive over the past few years. In fact, one would be very hard pressed to find a single review that had anything negative to say about the company. There are many models of furnished suites to choose from with Toronto Luxury suites, widely varying in price, location and amenities. One such suite is called Blissed, and the reviews for this model are exemplary. Located in the heart of Yorkville in downtown Toronto, Blissed is at the historic center of charm, style, and culture for the city. However, the reviews focus on a different aspect of the furnished suite. Gascoigne from Chicago writes:

“Wonderful experience. All that I was looking for with great amenities and a short walk to everything the city has to offer. Immaculately maintained & very responsive management when needed.”

This review truly gives a sense that not only was the apartment beautiful and in the perfect location, but the management did everything they could to ensure a relaxing, pleasant, and worry-free stay. The amenities for Blissed are also impressive, with a sauna, balcony, pool table, and high definition TV. However, the focus of these reviews tend to still gravitate towards responsive management, as Rachel from Fort Lauderdale writes:

“Everything was wonderful. if there was ever an issue to address, regardless as to how minor it may have been, it was attended to immediately. I would definitely stay here again and would highly recommend it to other traveler in the Toronto area.”

Despite an incredible location, fabulous amenities, and a luxurious presentation, customers still focus on the ability of management to cater to their every need. This absolutely bodes well for the local housing company as they challenge the hotel giants for supremacy. They have a zealous customer base that is spreading the word: Toronto Luxury Suites cares deeply about its customers.