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Find Irresistible “Charm” in the Big City

The Ultimate Blend of Elegance and Modernity

Toronto Luxury Suites is well known for providing the ultimate accommodation experience, and “Charm” is the pinnacle of this dedication to quality. Charm is incredibly spacious, with eleven hundred feet of floor space and two bedrooms, making it the perfect selection for a large group of travelers or those who would like to host social events. While Charm is sleek and modern, in a brand new building with cutting-edge technology, there is a classic ambiance and quiet appeal. It is this unique, avant-garde fusion of grandeur and subtlety that gives this fully furnished apartment its name. This luxury condo is perfect for a family getaway with its stylish appearance, yet is also subtle and classy enough for a business trip where impressing clients is of the utmost importance.

Charm is located in the heart of Yorkville within a futuristic 7-story building of glass and concrete that dazzles the senses. This structure may be in the center of the city, but it has a feeling of great privacy and seclusion due to its exclusive nature. While eleven hundred feet of floor space is impressive for any luxury suite, Charm looks and feels even bigger than that number might suggest. The walls are a lofty nine feet high, the balcony overlooks a beautiful courtyard, and the wide-open northeast view makes Charm feel like a grand, unbridled experience. It is very uncommon to find an apartment in the middle of a large metropolitan city that looks and feels uniquely open and free, but Charm accomplishes this feat brilliantly.

The amenities of this lavish suite are simply unparalleled, representing the apex of the lodging industry. The unblemished, alabaster hue of the interior is augmented by granite counter tops, stainless steels appliances, and marble bathroom floors. The kitchen, light fixtures, and bathroom have all been renovated to a state of the art standard. While this class of luxury apartment may sound like it should be overwhelmingly expensive, guests soon discover how affordable a charming stay in Toronto can actually be. This exclusive model is already less expensive than a hotel room, and offers a living experience that you will not soon forget.


The Unexpected Benefits of Renting Toronto’s Furnished Apartments

Did You know You’re Working Towards a Greener Planet?

Toronto Luxury Suites is proud to serve executives, travelers, and entire families with our furnished apartments, and their massive popularity comes as no surprise to us. Offering corporate housing changed the way the travel and lodging industry has done business with obvious superiority over traditional hotel rooms. The benefits are there for anyone to see, especially in terms of cost. An extended hotel stay in downtown Toronto is extremely expensive, and these furnished apartments are not only cheaper, but more luxurious and complete in terms of amenities. Combine all these factors with the personalized service and stellar user reviews of Toronto Luxury Suites, and the hotel industry didn’t have a chance.

However, there are several advantages of renting Toronto’s finest furnished apartments as well. Consumers love the affordability, comfort, and service of Toronto Luxury Suites.


In addition to these more apparent factors, the Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report of 2008 listed some unique benefits the public is unlikely to understand without renting a furnished apartment in Toronto. This report was developed through a survey of over 20,000 industry experts, including furnished apartment operators, travel agency professionals, and apartment booking agencies across the globe.

The Green Factor in Furnished Apartments

While not commonly thought about within the consuming public, renting a furnished apartment actually saves natural resources on a large scale. These is much less waste associated with furnished apartments, as gasoline is not expended to move possessions, the furnishings are not wasted when a new tenant arrives, and new occupants do not have to buy new furniture.

Greater Privacy

In contrast to a hotel room, furnished apartments with Toronto Luxury Suites are astoundingly private, despite having round the clock personal service. Our staff is willing to help at any moment due to our dedication to customer satisfaction, but your furnished apartment in entirely your own. These private accommodations do not have the paper-thin walls of hotel rooms in the area.

Saving Extra and Bringing out Your Inner Chef

These furnished apartments come complete with a full stove, refrigerator, and all the cooking utensils you may need. Not only do our guests save money by cooking their own meals, but they also have a great time doing it. Cooking is a fun activity, one that many travelers lose when they go on vacation. By renting a furnished apartment with Toronto Luxury Suites, you have the great benefit of being able to create any culinary masterpiece you desire.

Bon appetit!